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Hotline Miami

torsdag, januari 31st, 2013

The subject for my and Johan’s bachelor exam is moral choices in games and how game designers can use them and affect the player in various ways. In our research, among many other things like reading and analysing other works and texts about the subject, we involve a lot of testing different games that we know deals with some form of moral choices or dilemmas in games. Right now I have been playing Hotline Miami a lot. While it doesn’t deal with the subject in the direct way we are interested in, it takes up several questions around the subject. As Johan said it, you don’t make active moral choices in game, but the game asks the player a lot of questions that forces you to think about your own moral while you continue with your crazy killing spree.

It’s really hard, but I look forward to see the end of it and how it goes deeper into your own mad mind. But the coming days I will focus more on analysing The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain which deals more with the type of choices and dilemmas we are looking for. And of course, do the other work that’s necessary, like writing and analysing more. But this is it for today, now it’s time for some Aikido.

Friday incoming!

A new cake

torsdag, januari 31st, 2013

The title is better than this comment. The whole meaning of this is just to write something, so I get started. I will post here, hopefully every second day or more often, and use it mostly like an extended, secondary workbook with more of my personal thoughts around things that doesn’t make the cut into the official workbook that I share with my design-partner Johan, whom I’m working together with for our Bachelor’s degree. It’s also a good way to keep my english skills fresh and improving them, I feel I have lost a bit there since I studied english the last time (arounds 3 years ago), which maybe this post can witness about.

Anyway, long story about nothing, there’s not even a cookie yet (I ate it earlier today). But soon it will be. May the cake be with you!